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The ventricular ectopy series

February 2, 2021

As part of Heart Month 2021, we’ll be exploring a series of different heart conditions focusing on a new topic each week. This week we take a look at the unsual and exotic occurrences of Ventricular Ectopy. Follow us to never miss a case!

1. Unusual ventricular ectopy

A controversial one this week: AFib with ventricular bigeminy. Or is it? Exploring trigeminy, ventricular parasystole, pseudo-ventricular parasystole and other possibilities, this one is sure to divide opinion. Read more.

2. The ventricular ectopic compensatory pause

Dr Harry Mond reviews the ventricular ectopic compensatory pause with a focus on full and partial pauses while teaching us a lesson on timing. Read more.

3. Exotic ventricular ectopy part one

A look at exotic ventricular ectopy, with 8 different examples, their footprints and the veritable kaleidoscope of findings that may result. Read more.

4. Exotic ventricular ectopy part two

In the final part of this 2-part series, we explore even more exotic ectopy, including ventricular couplets, interpolation, unipolar bigemilets, trigemilets and more. Read more.

About Assoc Prof Harry Mond

In 49+ years as a practicing cardiologist, Assoc Prof Harry Mond has published 260+ published manuscripts & books. A co-founder of CardioScan, he remains Medical Director and oversees 500K+ heart studies each year.

Download his full profile here.

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